My School


It’s not written as a web 2.0 marketeer might put it; perhaps it would be “mySkoole”, lower case  in a nice pastel colour but this innocuous looking site will soon develop teeth. It’s the Federal Government’s answer to questions about transparency and accountability, and it’s a limited one word answer called ‘Tests’.  Look out for how the Herald-Sun translates this into league tables when it goes live. Oh, and Victoria will have one too.

My School

One thought on “My School

  1. Our local Principal’s Association brought back some feedback plus the link to this site from their meeting with the DP. But where’s the RSS feed? And the blog for the Minister of Education? Not that any of our politicians would want us to mis-use anything hosted on My School in the near future – or for anyone to get the impression that this site could be a political tool.

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