How to teach the smartest generation

I was pre-disposed to enjoy Don Tapscott’s ASCD session on the net generation and I wont detail it too much as I’ve blogged here before about his writing and his books, including the latest, Grown Up Digital.

Some good quotes to take away though were:

‘Some universities aren’t post-Gutenberg, they’re pre-Gutenberg’

‘The internet is not a problem; it is a learning opportunity’

The Conference Daily, a daily newspaper of the conference (yes, this conference is that big) reported Tapscott this way:

‘We are creating a generation that is thinking differently from every other generation before. These students are not just multi-tasking, they have better abilities to code-switch. They are constantly searching, story-telling, collaborating, developing and authenticating.’

He urged educators to disable the ‘generational firewalls’ that they had erected between them and their students and embrace a culture of collaboration, integration and self-organization. Banning social media such as ‘Facebook’s says, ‘We don’t understand your tools. We don’t trust you’.

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