Creating an online learning hub

I liked this image from Free Technology for Teachers about building an online learning hub. I’ve tried to do some of these things in various ways over the years, sometimes making the mistake of having too many different places for students to go for various aspects of the course. The key here is that there is some kind of online hub (blog, wiki, website…?) that centralises all the functions around one course.

2 thoughts on “Creating an online learning hub

  1. I like this diagram Warrick ….. I’ve been thinking about setting up something technological for my older student (10) to give him a little more independence with his learning. I have no idea of where to start though …. any hints?

  2. Hi Anna: I liked it too. Nice and simple and also showing some of the limitations around top-down learning systems like ‘Blackboard’. For a nice-n-easy collaboration or site for one student why not a wiki restricted to you two (and parents?) I like wikispaces myself. You can see a simple one I made a while ago here:

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