Graduation Day

Well, it’s not really Graduation DAY, because she finished the course last year, but tonight is my daughter’s graduation ceremony at Monash University. Like lots of young people to day it’s been a fluid journey from double-degree to single-degree to shifts in emphasis and interest, discovering what she can do and what she loves (and doesn’t – take that marketing!) along the way.

Truth is, she doesn’t even want to go to the ceremony; ‘it’s only an Arts Degree…’ and ‘Do I really have to hire a gown?’ and all that. And, she’s already doing further study and doesn’t see this really as any end-point.

But, I’m glad we’re going to stop for a little while tonight and celebrate a moment in that journey. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

And, I couldn’t be more convinced, if ever I needed to be in these strange times, of the absolute centrality of learning in your life; the critical nature of the things we do in teaching and learning.

Above: First day at school; doesn’t seem that long ago!


  1. Got this email from my daughter after I posted about her graduation: “Aw, thanks Dad. But seriously, do we have to go? It goes for 90 minutes +, there’s a speaker at the end and the lady on the phone said it’s a big group…”

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