Teach for Australia (revisited)

I’m not commenting (I already have) I’m just pointing to this from the AUSTRALIAN today.

PROFESSIONALS wanting a mid-career change of lifestyle will be encouraged to become teachers under a plan to ease their entry into classrooms.

Under the plan, professionals could be teaching in classrooms after just eight weeks of specialised training.

Announcing the policy at her Aldelaide alma mater, Unley High, the Prime Minister said the government would cover up to 50 per cent of course fees and provide up to $10,000 in income support to facilitate accelerated entry into the classroom.

The policy, called Teach Next, builds on a raft of education announcements by Labor during the election campaign, including more autonomy for school principals and cash bonuses for the top 10 per cent of teachers.

Ms Gillard said the $10,000 in income support would help professionals considering teaching to enter the profession.
“This is about bringing people into teaching from all walks of life,” Ms Gillard said.

“We know we are short of maths teachers, we’re short of science teachers, we know that our teaching workforce is ageing.”

Ms Gillard said the policy would add to the workforce new people who wanted to enter teaching.
“Maybe after a lifetime in a profession, they want to bring those skills into teaching”.

4 thoughts on “Teach for Australia (revisited)

  1. I know! Oh Dear is right! I suggest you stay in Canada as long as you can. In Finland every teacher has to have a Masters Degree; apparently in Australia 8 weeks will do it!

  2. Why is Julia Gillard being advised by people who seem to know so little about the realities of learning? Obviously they want something that appears to produce results (hence large scale testing) but why is there no counter argument in the public sphere??

  3. I think it’s fear! Everyone’s after the electoral low-ground; the stuff that has mileage in the Herald-Sun. (sighs)

    Gotta walk down and vote.

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