Bring on the summer

I don’t like the end of year at school; the way it gradually fizzles out somehow. First the Year 12 classes finish, then the revision starts, and the exams and the farewells and celebration evenings and then the students are all gone and it’s meetings about next year and then the staff are gone and you’re walking around school with the painters and the renovators and the steam cleaners. It just gradually fades away.

But tomorrow the year is officially done for me and I’ll fold up the tent and steal away into the night. I haven’t been blogging a lot lately; I must admit I’ve been fascinated with the Wikileaks saga and what it means for communication, secrecy, government and the future and that’s dominated my reflecting.

So I’m looking forward to a few weeks away from work, some time with family and friends and some time off-line camping and surfing and doing the crossword. Yes, the paper and pen version! Being outside and letting the RSS feeds accumulate away in the browser for a while


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