The iPad trolley

I know it’s somehow inevitable, maybe even a good sign in some ways, but I was also kind of sad to see this ad in a teacher magazine today: the iPad trolley. Coming soon.

Surely of all the 1-1 tools we’ve yet seen the iPad is the most personal and personalisable device? Surely this s a device that students might actually own? Rather than be rolled out on special occasions to ‘do’ technology. A bit like the ‘education revolution’ promised? (sighs)

Nice trolley though.

6 thoughts on “The iPad trolley

  1. I agree with you on the point that an iPad needs to be a personal device and slotting a communal set into a trolley as pictured above misses the point. I bought an iPad for the school as a bit of a trial for staff and was a bit underwhelmed by it. But I think that some of that was tied to the fact that I was just trying it out and didn’t want to clutter it up with too much of “my own stuff” because I would have to hand it on to another colleague in a few weeks. Then I found it sitting on a shelf in the library the other day, with the monthly 3G prepaid on it ticking on without being used. Sharing a personal device just doesn’t work – even though there seems to be plenty of schools buying iPads in bulk to use communally in junior primary classrooms throughout Australia.

  2. Hey Warrick you can send P-2 a trolley, we would love one! I agree that it is a personalisable device, however for our young students maybe that is not so practical. Although…imagine the preps all bringing their own iPad to school how amazing would that be!!

  3. We’ve got a whole lot of iPads at our Primary (Elementary) school that we use along with our MacBooks, iPod touches and desktops. We don’t ‘do’ technology sessions, students grab the tool they need when they need. Yes, iPads work best as a personal device, but that’s not always practical. We run Google Apps at school so all student work is online and all they need to do is log into Google on the particular device they happen to be using. We feel a mix of devices rather than choosing 1 device for a 1:1 program gives our kids a great exposure to all technologies and our teachers a full range of possibilities for what they can do. We are desperate for this trolley to be released! Bring it on!!

  4. I’ll have to send you a picture of our set up at school. We are trialling a class set of iPads, and our library looks a bit like an old fashioned telephone exchange! It’s one hell of a lot of work making a personalized device into a shared one. Would I recommend it? No!

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