Google +

I’ve been playing around with Google + for the last week or two and am hopeful that maybe, just maybe, this  might be a better social tool than the elephant in the room that is Facebook.

Like most schools, we’ve struggled with some issues to do with student access to Facebook and I think that the students too would like a more transparent, easy to manage social tool that would allow them to share with their real friends, not the public ‘friends’ that Facebook would prefer. Facebook’s default is public; the idea of circles in Google+ means that a student could perhaps have their ‘real’ friends in one circle, and everyone else in another.

I don’t know if it’s the answer, and I don’t know enough yet about how Google+ will develop, but I’ve never got into Facebook, and am hopeful that this might be better.

One thought on “Google +

  1. Seriously you havent used facebook?
    well.. my advice is.. try both 😛
    for me its not about which one is better.. its about the community.. i use both.. and i still have my friendster account too but never use it anymore.. for now everybody is in facebook.. if Google+ takes off.. well.. there i’ll be

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