The New Rules

Officially on holidays from today and heading off travelling in Vietnam for a couple of weeks, which will be nice. A final sweep of the Google Reader this morning revealed Will Richardson’s latest piece on The New Rules. 

Like a lot of Will’s stuff it resonated with me and I thought I’d post his rules for your consideration. In an increasingly toxic and non-productive political culture in Australia too (though we haven’t seen the school budget cuts much yet) it seems we can’t rely on politicians or billionaires who don’t listen (see Bill Gates’s Twitter stats). It seems that if anyone is going to lead the future of education it’s got to be teachers and teacher leadership. Again!

Anyway, I’m hoping that it will all look a bit more hopeful from a distance. In the meantime, here’s the new rules:

Here are the new rules:

Create your own education.
Find problems and solve them.
Be unique.
Make beautiful, useful stuff.
Build a network of really smart people who you will never meet.
Be indispensable.
Do real work that changes the world.
Have a brand.
Share widely and safely.
Add value.
Be a voracious learner.
Tread softly but boldly.
Edit the world.

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