Well, things move on, and I didn’t want that gloomy looking post to sit there too long. I’ve had some really positive classes lately; it’s the shortest day of the year today and things are going to start lightening up; from here on in, there’s going to be more light!

I often think that the end of term 2 in schools is about the hardest time, for teacher and students. It’s dark, cold, mid-year and it’s hard to imagine you’re making progress sometimes. Students get sick and miss lessons, and teachers too. For the Year 12s I work with, many have their mid-year exams, ones that count, and a weight of school-assessed coursework to complete Unit 3. Teachers are busy marking and writing reports in a tight time-frame to get them out to parents by the end of term. No wonder everyone seems frazzled.

So I was calmed by the thought that this is the darkest moment of the year in meteorological terms, and that tomorrow the sun will rise just a little earlier and set a little later. Tomorrow! And who better to usher in tomorrow than that annoying little kid from ‘Annie’!

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