Seeing Learning

I spent most of the day today in the final session of a series of workshops a number of schools have been involved in this year called ‘Seeing Learning’, which has focused on classroom observation and how that might improve learning.

I’ve been part of a classroom observation project before and really enjoyed the experience of visiting other teachers in their classrooms, espeically across disciplines and age groups: I went into a Year 12 Art class and a primary classroom with tiny seats and loved it. It was more threatening when those teachers came to my English class, but that was good too, mainly because of the culture of respect and collaboration that  framed the whole project.
This year I learned a lot more about how that might have gone. And what we might do next time. Most importantly, for me, the importance of the ‘lens’ in looking at classrooms. What are you looking at? How we se ‘see’ learning? Such thinking will be really important as we begin our planning for next year.
One thing I am sure about is that there is definitely value in opening up your classroom to other teachers, to share your own learning and teaching experiences and learn from colleagues in a positive way.
Above: Ancient seeing in the NY Met (photo: Warrick)

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