Where is the IB heading?

I thought I should take the opportunity to acquaint myself with current IB strategic directions and how the organisation saw itself, so I got into a session at IBAC2013 on this topic Here’s what I found out:

Where is the IB heading?
The IB is three years into a five year strategy, looking ahead to new directions especially regarding digital technologies. We were given a break-down of the kinds of new directions that the IB is looking at currently. I haven’t included notes here on the MYP or PYP programs specifically.
IB Alumni Network
The IB now has nearly 30000 students in an Alumni Network, helping with university recognition and research participation.
myIB – Promoting IB Success
A promotion to personalise the impact of IB for personal stories
World Student Conferences
Global learning opportunities to bring students together. In 2012, 561 students from 49 countries attended a conference in Segovia, Spain. There will be four more in 2013: Hong Kong, Canada and in the UK. (more at www.ibo.org/wsc)
MyIB Digital Toolkit for IB World Schools
Advertising and communication tools to inform (and persuade) parents and students
IB Continuum
More linking of the program contexts
Revised IB Learner Profile
Will stay as 10 attributes with revised descriptors and clarifying relation to international mindedness.
Approaches to teaching and learning across DP
Trying to make the Diploma teaching more focus and coherent, featuring best-practice pedagogy. New Global Politics subject.
Online diploma courses for students
Over 1000 students, 260 schools already involved, expected to double. The idea of ‘open world schools’ for external students
IB Career Related Certificate (IBCC)
A new program providing multiple pathways
University Performance
Increasing data showing higher results, completion etc in university for IB graduates.
Moving from paper to digital. May 2013, 97% of scripts e-marked, with quality assurance through pre-marked random ‘seeding’.
Photo: Twin towers at night by Warrick

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