New curriculum, new thinking

Well, I just finished my presentation on new teaching and pedgogy at the Oxford Conference and, as always, relieved it’s over, though I thought it went okay. As usual I probably had way too much material to cover, and didn’t get to some of the tools I wanted to get to, but overall it was okay. And a nice audience who were (mostly) interested.

It was a bit of a daunting feeling coming off Edward De Bono and Sir Bob Geldof in the morning, but luckily it was a smaller, more scaled down, personalised kind of workshop feel that I wanted and I was trying to avoid anything vaguely authority figure(ish).

At some stage soon, I’ll blog about some of the key ideas of my piece, or at least the outrageous propositions I shared with the audience. 

I will also blog about the rest of the day, which was pretty interesting. I attended all the sessions and took some notes so happy to share them, if I get some bandwidth over the next few days. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy a couple of days in Sydney and explore some old favourite haunts again.

Above: Beautiful machine at the Sydney Technology Park