Creating Future X, Y and Z

Creating Future X,Y Z

John Vamvatkitis (Google)

Now, for something more expected. Google Director John Vamvakitis argued that the world is at our fingertips, meaning that the next prodigy can emerge from anywhere.

‘Now the world is at our fingertips’

So, how is it redefining teaching and learning?

Empowering Gen Z – ‘technology is everywhere’. This was more like music to the ears. Skills for the future are what students need (nice slide, which I’ll try to find) He talked about ‘converting information into intelligence’.

Preparing for the future: ‘Collaboration is the new normal…’

Re-imagining today. He then talked about new models of learning, transferring ownership to students … Oh oh. ‘A guide’ … (On the side?) Some possibilities were problem-based learning, flipped classroom, blended learning (the best of face to face with digital learning)

He argued for three tests for technology: sustainability, equity and impact. (Compare Google Apps for Education with OneNote shared notebook)

The whole thing was a bit of an add for Google classroom, Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, Google Expeditions, Android etc etc.

It all got a bit misty-eyed at the end. ‘IT takes a teachers’, technology is only a ‘tool’.

About the session

9:20 | Creating Future XYZ

Education is about creating the future. Access to information is changing the way we communicate, work and learn. Technology is empowering us solve to complex problems with wild, imaginative—or even unimaginable—solutions. When it comes to building the future, what really matters – same as ever – is people. And the people who do make a difference are going to be the ones who have the right skills. How do we enable students to thrive in a rapidly evolving environment? How do we prepare students with the right skill set to take up jobs that do not exist today?

 John M. Vamvakitis, Director International, Google for Education



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