wozcast 12

My irregular podcast on teaching and learning with technology is now online; show notes below.

wozcast 12

The Wonderful World Of Wikis; What is a wiki with examples like Memory Archive and the Bob Dylan Wiki as well as wikis I’ve developed myself like The Wonderful World of Wikis, the Tablet PC Journey, the Cat’s Eye Wiki and Peninsula Creeks and Streams.

There’s also a brief discussion of which wiki is best to use and wiki sofware like Jotspot, pbWiki, wikispaces and WetPaint and a discussion of how these all stack up in comparison to each other.

Recorded August 5, 2006

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EdTech Talk


I blogged about this podcast quite a while ago on the old blogspot space and talked about how much I enjoyed it. I also described as ‘low-tech’ and from the USA: I was wrong on both counts. The audio quality seems much improved and I’m still listening regularly. A nice website too with the highlights and show notes. And I think they may be Canadians! The current line up of shows is described below:

EdTechTalk Show

Sundays at 8pmEDT/midnightGMT

Our ‘main’ show, hosted by Dave Cormier & Jeff Lebow, features the latest news from the world of edtech and the edublogosphere. We sometimes have featured guests to discuss particular aspects of edtech and/or the work they’re involved with.

EdTech Brainstorms

Thursdays nights(Americas)/Friday (Asia,Oceania) 2amGMT,

Unplanned discussions where educators skype in (or call in) to discuss what they’re working on and thinking about. Our cyber faculty lounge.

21st Century Learning Webcast

Friday’s at 12pmEDT/4:00GMT

Independent School educators, Alex Ragone and arvind grover host a web radio show on learning in the 21st century.




Thought this sounded a great idea; a free, open source place for people to share their creative endeavours such as podcasts solving two of the big problems: bandwith and storage.

That is, until I tried it, and it took aeons to load, has multiple entry points and multiple passwords and in the end didn’t work.  Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Ourmedia Homepage | Ourmedia


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Educational Institutions Podcasting

Example of universities using the itunes software to deliver podcasts in collaboration with Apple.

University of British Columbia

UBC Podcasts allow University of British Columbia alumni, students,
faculty and others to access UBC-related digital content, including
public lectures from Talk of the Town, UBC International’s Global Citizenship speakers series, and more.  http://www.ubc.ca/podcasts/index.php

John Hopkins University

The various divisions of The Johns Hopkins University have
a number of RSS “channels” and podcast offerings. This
links on this page will send you to the pages where you can
get more information and then subscribe to the channels or
programs that interest you.

Boston University