teaching and learning apps

I’ve been using an iPad now for over two years. What have I discovered? The focus here is on apps that are specifically related to teaching and learning in some way, so I’m no going to detail more generic apps like Evernote, Drafts, Notesy, Penultimate, ThinkBook, WriteRoom, TaskPaper, Agenda, Instapaper, GoodReader, Pocket and Mr Reeder, all of which are on page 1 of my iPad (ZOMG) These are all specialist teaching and learning apps:


I’m trialling this for my class as our contact point this year.

Study Blue

Flash Cardy thingy

Class Dojo

Okay, don’t get Gary Stager talking about this, but I found it a fun way to open up discussions about positive and negative classroom actions (not behaviour) but it’s got to be done in a collaborative, fun, mature way, as a harmless, but pointed diversion.  Students are allocated points for doing good things in class. Works on the iPad, iPhone and on the computer.


This is the best app I’ve found yet for lesson planning, with six customisable fields, easy calendar functionality and more. I’ve been working on embedding the Hattie explicit teaching model into it. It would be better if it synced with a desktop version more easily.


Everyone loves flashcards. 😐 I’ve explored a few (there’s a lot of these out there) and  this seems the best in terms of the wide range of shared card-stacks already out there, and the ease of making new ones. Works swell on the phone too.


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