Creative Ingenuity – Core competencies of the 21st Century

This was the opening keynote on day 2 of the AAIBS Conference in Adelaide, 2009, given by Dale Spender

I came in a little late on this session (blame fine South Australian wine) and Dale Spender was showing a video on 21st Century Learning; ‘I  blog but 78% of my teachers don’t, I want to tell stories digitally, my job doesn’t exist yet, that kind of thing.

A couple of videos later she was back to reading from a speech, talking about content creation; 9000 hours of video uploaded to youtube every day

She talked about mobile phones and the need to stop thinking about mobile phones as mobile landlines and think of them as portable computers. She also showed the example of mobile phones emerging in Africa as affordable computers, for moving money around.

The woman in front of me had her arms folded early, was shaking her head visibly a little later on, sighing audibly and finally turning to her friend in exasperation.

Mobile Phones Suggestions

  • Field trips
  • Video
  • Photos
  • Melbourne Uni study about using mobile phones to improve literacy
  • Mobile guide book; SMS a number for information about this (kids could write it)
  • Maths collaboration
  • Downloaded novels read on the mobile on Japan
  • Phone versions of library catalogs, bus timetables
  • PLC (Sydney) allow MS students to bring their phone into some tests
  • Digital stories
  • Learning languages on the mobile phone

Shender concluded about digital storytelling and did give an earnest conclusion about how she still lamented the lack of innovation and leadership in education, that the factory, the office and the mine had been revolutionised but not the school.  She argued that teachers had to lead the revolution because the system wouldn’t and that we had a responsibility to negotiate the change.  It was the most passionate she got, and the lady stopped shaking her head for a moment.

‘Learning to change: changing to learn’ (Video)

Human Ingenuity – Pedagogy for the 21st Century

I’m in Adelaide this weekend at the AAIBS (IB) 2009 Conference with the ambitious agenda of ‘Human ingenuity; Pedagogy for the 21st Century. But it’s begun well and I’ll add some more details notes and responses to the sessions when I find a powerpoint and a hotel that doesn’t charge $55 for internet access.

The Conference website is HERE