It’s so silly it’s now almost funny. This week the Australian Education Union decided (for some pretty good reasons) to boycott the forthcoming NAPLAN national tests in literacy and numeracy because of the league tables which (inevitably) emerged from the publication of data on the MySchool site last year.

The response from the Minister for Education was to suggest that parents be brought in, effectively as strike-breakers, to supervise the tests. I’m not sure what the old shearer’s who helped form the Labor Party in the first place, would think about all this. Probably have a chuckle. Certainly most of the parents aren’t all that keen on the idea.

Here’s the AEU’s take on this. There’s a swag of other videos on the site. I can’t find the Gillard statement anywhere. I was going to blog about the growing scandal around the school funding, but enough it enough! I’d love to be talking about curriculum and learning but education is now pretty politicised in this country.