Poetry ISN’T Everywhere


Just heard today that the Poetry is Everywhere Conference, scheduled for April 24th in Castlemaine, has been cancelled due to a lack of enrolments. I was scheduled to do the keynote. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t already spent a few days on the holidays on it, and booked a room via Wotif. Maybe I’ll publish my presentation somewhere if I get round to finishing it all off.

Poetry is Everywhere

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been asked to give the keynote at the forthcoming VATE day, as part of the Australian Poetry Centre Regional Festival at Castlemaine later this month.

Later this month! Eek. I better get on with it! Luckily, I’ve found that Zotero, which I posted about earlier, is proving a very useful tool for organising and collecting references as I plan and prepare the piece.

The full program for the festival is now online HERE