My Favourite Software for 2008

I thought I’d end the year not with anything deeply philosophical, but with that thing all bloggers love: a list! In this case, a list of my favourite software finds for 2008, for your downloading enjoyment. Happy New Year everyone. All the software in this list is free or open source.

1. Evernote

Evernote upped the ante this year with a completely new version that sits on your computer, or phone or pda and syncs effortlessly with the web. Consider it a giant endless roll of notepaper that you can categorise, tag and search to your heart’s content.  Ideal for capturing the setup instructions for your modem, that list of Christmas presents you were meant to buy, screenshots or anything. I have notebooks of recipes, travel ideas, cycling news and lifehacks, but invent your own.

2. ThinkingRock

Only for GTD geeks, this Australian based software uses the ‘Getting Things Done’ system to help create workflows from idea collection, to managing multiple projects. The best GTD software I’ve seen yet.

3. Nexus File Manager

We all know Windows Explorer is no way to manoeuver around files and folders so it must be replaced! For a while this year I used Free Commander and a very nice tool it is. But Nexus File Manager, besides looking all black and green and retro, is a powerful file manage software that can do a host of functions from multiple renaming to moving, pasting, copying, including dual window panes. And it’s all pretty much driven by keyboard shortcuts. So, put the mouse away and never open Windows Explorer again.

4. Quick Media Converter

This converts most media to other media types; simply and quickly. The other day I wanted to extract some audio from a youtube video and this did it with ease.

5. Net Usage Extension for Firefox

In Australia broadband accounts are generally capped, usuallyon a monthly basis, with plans like this.  So, to survive this heinous situation I found a Firefox Extension which keeps a tab on yur broadband usage, literally. It sits in the menu bar and gives a percentage figure on how the allocated amount is going.