Expanding Learning Horizons (day 1)


The end of day 1 of the Expanding Horizons Conference and a good day of conversations despite the wild weather.  This year the organisers have worked hard to increase the bandwith into the conference and it’s the first conference I’ve attended with a range of network connections beyond the conference website including a NING, a wikispace and a Twitter hastag! (#elh09)

All good fun, but the conversations are what matters, and there was plenty of good sessions, including Andrew Douch’s keynote on redefining classroom and some great strategic conversations around social boundaries of learning and assessment including the murky legal waters around student-teaher online interactions (see my OneNote doodling on ‘murky legal waters’ below)

And, did I mention how beautiful Lorne is, nestled in the the corner of the bay beneath the hills? When you come here with the crowds in summer, you can forget that.  I took the picture at the top this morning on a walk between sessions.


Time to think


I took this photo this morning, on the way to breakfast. It seems like ages ago already. When I got back to town I called in to school briefly, dropped off some stuff and picked up some other stuff and remembered again about traffic and all that. Lorne already seems a long way away.

Three days away at the Expanding Horizons Conference was a real delight, and I hope to blog about it a little later, maybe once more, when it’s sunk in a bit, about the take-home messages if I can.

My impressions now are the pleasure of being in a beautiful place with a whole lot of educators concerned with these ideas and wanting to do something about it. And though there were some very good sessions, including the conversation with Bruce Dixon today, it’s the conversations over coffee or a muffin with colleagues or strangers, that are the strongest at the moment.

By this time next week it will all be a distant memory. Maybe earlier than that he says, as he looks at the pile of SACS by the desk. But right now I’m pretty glad I went, and had a chance to sit and think for a couple of days. I hope they do keep this conference at Lorne (there’s talk that the bandwidth is so poor down there that they may move it) because there’s something about the place that adds to the meaning somehow. And this morning, walking to breakfast, with the beach shining in the sun like a newly minted coin, it all seemed very possible.

The ELH Conference website is HERE


Expanding learning horizons 2008

Just arrived in Lorne this afternoon for the Expanding Learning Horizons 2008 Conference, which I’m looking forward to. I haven’t been for a few years so I’m looking forward to connecting up with old friends, making new connections, learning a lot and presenting with a colleague on online safety and ethics.

I took the ferry across from Sorrento to Queenscliff, and drove down in the rain listening to This Week in Tech on the ipod to get in the mood. I hope to blog a little about the conference as it develops, or even send some twitter updates as well.

Meanwhile, conference details, program, etc. are online HERE