The New Rules of Engagement

I just finished reading The New Rules of Engagement (A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Generation Y) by Michael McQueen, an easy and enjoyable read that pretty simply sets up the differences and potentials of the new gen.

I have to say that I’m not entirely convinced by all this demographic driven new-gen stuff, It”s a bit like reading your star sign in the paper, I look at my Year 12 class and the kind of generalisations and conclusions people like McQueen et. al. make apply to some of them, but not to others.

Nevertheless, McQueen is a good story teller, communicates well and make some good points. I like that he’s not alarmist and is positive about the emerging generation.¬† It’s a good book to give to your mum maybe, and he does highlight sections that he thinks are particularly relevant¬† for parents and teachers.

I did like the third section of the book where, after he’d talked about the paradigm shift in this generation, outlined his new rules of engagement as:

  • Put relationship before role
  • Use matrix learning (connected)
  • Focus on outcomes over process
  • Adopt a facilitator role
  • Give regular positive feedback
  • Set short-term challenging goals
  • Use stories to make your point
  • Go for commitment, not compliance.