What is e-learning now?

Yesterday I got the opportunity to speak again at the Chisholm Institute ‘Ripple’ Conference at the Mt Eliza Business School, overlooking Port Phillip Bay; this time with a focus on what e-learning looks like to me  now and how can help support teachers through change.

Last year I focused on the students who were coming in to tertiary institutions from k-12 schools and what that meant for learning environments. This year my focus was more on the teachers. It was a beautiful spring day, maybe the first real spring day this year, and the conference was well run with a group of teachers who wanted to be there.

Below is a an abridged version of the slideshow with some of the key ideas. There’s also an annotated list of the resources I used on Diigo here: http://www.diigo.com/list/warrickw/ripple-2010



I spent a bit of time this weekend preparing my presentation for Ripple: the inaugural Chisholm Institute e-learning conference, coming up soon.  I’ll be talking about the learning expectations that the net-generation bring to the classroom, and what we might do about all that. They say:

‘Ripple’ will draw on the insights and experiences of leading educators and Industry professionals from both Australia and North America, to present the new era of e-Learning. An era characterised by the emergence of the powerful  connective capability of the World Wide Web. The conference speakers will challenge the notion of traditional models of e-Learning and the role of the  educator in the learning experience.

The website is created using Weebly, which I’m pretty keen to try out as it looks pretty impressive.