Images of San Antonio

I only had a few days, and squeezed in a look around town between conference sessions but I did enjoy the sights and sounds of San Antonio and share some images here. I didn’t really know what to expect; lots of imagery about Texas swimming in my head from television and movies mainly, and some of that was true(ish). I had a Texas playlist on my ipod and had it playing in the plane as we flew down from Los Angeles over Arizona and New Mexico, across vast wide tracts of emptiness that could have been Australia at times.

I happened to be there for the anniversary of the Alamo battle, and the re-enactment was on. Guns and uniforms, but also a deep sense of tradition and the wish to keep that alive. There was more of a Mexican influence than I imagined, and the city seems to have embraced that connection with lots of Mexican flags and iconography through the central part of the city.  I gather that not all Texas cities have wanted to keep that connection alive.

It’s a funny kind of place, a bit run-down in parts and probably pretty reliant on the conventions that come and the tourist trade. I’m told is the 7th biggest city in the USA with over 1.1 million but it seemed small compared to Melbourne, not Geelong small, but Adelaide(ish)? The highlights for me were the Alamo (one of those icon buildings for US history) and the river walk. I took a guided river tour on one of the tourist boats on the last morning and I should have done that on the first day. Suddenly, from the river looking up, the city seemed to make sense and it’s reason for being there was explained.

Here are some images from the few days there. I took my old Panasonic Lumix, just because it’s lighter and I could carry it around almost in the palm of my hand. I hate having a camera swinging around my neck. It did the job, though after getting used to new Canon EOS I hated the startup time and the shutter lag.

Top image: Crockett family tribute at the Alamo.

The Alamo; iconic building of San Antonio

Alamo Doorway

Getting ready for the Alamo battle re-enactment

I know it was a battle re-enactment and guns are necessary, but Texans seem to love their guns.


Proud kid with a gun

San Antonio Living History Association

Preparing the battle re-enactment


Tower of the Americas

San Fernando Cathedral

Menger Hotel where I stayed. Great location, terrific old building, but some of the rooms are a bit tired.

Wall of crosses

Day of the Dead figurines.

Getting empowered

Well, the first thing that nearly derailed me after finally arriving in San Antonio for the ASCD Conference was the fact that I’d bought the wrong international power adapter. So, with a phone that doesn’t roam internationally, and an ipod touch that relies on the computer to charge it up, I had a panicky feeling of disconnection that was compounded by being jet-lagged and dislocated and a long way from home.

Actually, it was the second thing. The first thing was standing in a long Friday night line at San Antonio Airport for the airport shuttle bus to the city watching the harassed single young man serving winding up the big roll of credit card receipt paper that had just jammed and unrolled for the third time. I looked at my watch and it ticked over 9.00AM in Melbourne time, exactly 24 hours since I got picked up by a taxi from  home and started the trip.

This morning, after tramping around San Antonio for a couple of hours yesterday without luck, I found a power adapter in the phone shop next to my hotel. I feel empowered, and am going to start transferring those handwritten notes here as I go.