Scribble Maps

I love maps, and the applications that developers are building on sites like GoogleMaps. ¬†One of the nicest I’ve seen lately is Scribble Maps, which allows you to draw on a Google Map.

I made one for the ride our staff BUG (BIcycle User Group) is planning for the day of the Swimming Sports. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t embed here (I don’t think WordPress loves java) but you can see the map here.

My other favourite map tool is UsaMap, which allows you to create a personalised map, with permanent URL to share for an event or activity. I think I would have enjoyed Geography at school a lot more with these tools. Mind you, I’ve yet to see GoogleEarth being used in a classroom, so maybe things have still got a fair way to go.

Here’s our meeting place for the ride to the sports, if you want to joins us! I’ve embedded it as a screen shot, because that wouldn’t embed in WordPress either. (sighs) No wonder some of our teachers don’t stick with these tools.