Superintendent Power

I’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out just what a superintendent is; one presenter described his as the ‘king’; I think it’s a cross between a Principal and a District overseer?

Anyway, I attended a session on ‘Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent’ which was about empowering, re-engaging and equipping leaders to be ‘tech-savvy’ leaders.  They’ve even put a ‘toolkit’ for superintendents online at

The basic idea, that school leaders need to be confident enough about new technologies to make the right decisions for their schools, is a good one, but the questions around the room at the end of the session were unsettling: ‘how can we use these tools to drive instruction?’, ‘what tools did you use to know this stuff works? and ‘If you upload software you could  jam up the system and bring in a virus couldn’t you?’.

And, an emerging thread that resonates with my thoughts on Australian directions: too much from Central Office!