TeacherTube My Site

I use TeacherTube now and then, mainly because it’s not blocked at my school, so I was interested to see this week a new possibility,  TeacherTube My Site. The idea here is that you can use the TeacherTube site to create you own branded school site, no ads, your own content securely in your environment.

It’s been something I’ve been interested in for  a while: an easy way for users within the school to share content they’ve created (video, audio, text) with the school in an interface that made sense, was searchable, attractive and just worked, and worked within the school network.

It seems pretty expensive at $5000US for 1000 users, and I’m not sure it would handle audio and text at all. Apple Itunes offers a similar thing for audio and maybe video? with ItunesU The first company to bring this together in a unified way for schools will do well.