Getting empowered

Well, the first thing that nearly derailed me after finally arriving in San Antonio for the ASCD Conference was the fact that I’d bought the wrong international power adapter. So, with a phone that doesn’t roam internationally, and an ipod touch that relies on the computer to charge it up, I had a panicky feeling of disconnection that was compounded by being jet-lagged and dislocated and a long way from home.

Actually, it was the second thing. The first thing was standing in a long Friday night line at San Antonio Airport for the airport shuttle bus to the city watching the harassed single young man serving winding up the big roll of credit card receipt paper that had just jammed and unrolled for the third time. I looked at my watch and it ticked over 9.00AM in Melbourne time, exactly 24 hours since I got picked up by a taxi from  home and started the trip.

This morning, after tramping around San Antonio for a couple of hours yesterday without luck, I found a power adapter in the phone shop next to my hotel. I feel empowered, and am going to start transferring those handwritten notes here as I go.

Texas Time

I sent an email around to my Literature class and home group saying, ‘Guess  where I’m going?”. The answers came back: Peru? Croatia? Mexico? Hint: Lone Star state. They finally got it. Texas. ‘Texas has a flag?’ someone asked.  I said I’d bring back a ten gallon hat.

Critical Transformations

Getting excited now about attending the ASCD Annual Conference Critical Transformations, in San Antone, TX, next week. It’s the first time I’ve been able to attend a conference that is, by all accounts, huge!, attracting some of the biggest names in the big issues of curriculum: differentiation, mapping, standards etc.

I haven’t had a lot of time to think about what sessions I’m going to attend and am conscious that I want to leave some quality work for my Literature for the three lessons I miss with them. I’m thinking of doing a couple of Adobe Connect presentations to introduce them to the next key topic and perhaps some audio discussions of key documents. I think I’ll have plenty of time on the plane trip (Melbourne>LA, LA>San Antone) to read the session guide pretty thoroughly!

And, I’m staying at the historic Menger Hotel, just across the road from The Alamo (see pic above of historic battle featuring Davy Crockett). I hope to be blogging about the sessions I attend, semi-live depending on bandwith, or certainly when I return.