Education systems too narrow


Tonight I finally got around to watching the 7.30 Report’s interview with Sir Kenneth Robinson that aired last week.  (16/6) on ABC TV.  Quite a few staff at school had seen it, and were talking about and it was worth looking at, both for his ideas about the importance of finding your passion and interest (and how schools didn’t do that well) and how the current trend towards testing narrowed the focus of schools, in a bad way.

That first point is critical, and I’ve sometimes made it to parents when speaking at information evenings and curriculum nights: that it could be argued that the most important thing a school can do for a student is awaken in them their particular area of expertise and passion which will lead them forward.

I’ve mentioned Robinson in this blog before so it was good to be able to see him interviewed in a two part presentation. You can see it too on the 7.30 Report site with video and audio.

Transcript of interview on 7.30 Report Site

Direct link to video interview (broadband speed, streaming in Windows Media Player)