Walking in nature

I’m back from my leave, and thinking back already to some wonderful walking in England and Scotland, especially in the Lake District and on Skye.

I needed the break, and the restorative and recuperative power that walking in nature can give me. There’s something meditative about walking, especially in a beautiful place, that helps things connect somehow.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting back to work, re-connecting with colleagues and students, and firing up Outlook and surveying the damage there! I also intend to re-start the posting and thinking process here about issues and inter-connections in teaching, learning and technology.

Meanwhile, enjoy this view of Skye.  (Photo:me!)
Skye, Scotland

Getting some air

Finally got to spend some time enjoying a few days off this week without constantly getting back to the emails, the GTD lists and the world of work. One nice thing was a short walk into a pretty and somewhat secluded beach on the Mornington Peninsula walking along a creek bed seeing kangaroos, an eagle and finally coming out at the empty beach. Refreshing, though I wasn’t entirely technology-less. I took these shots.