ACEC 2010

I had the interesting experience of being home and online this week while the ACEC Digital Diversity 2010 Conference was on in Melbourne and for the first time I felt that I could be pretty connected the goings on from a distance.

The Twitter stream coming out of that conference was detailed and reflective. I used Twazzup or a specific search column in Tweetdeck to keep up to date with what educators were thinking about live sessions, and even the official conference website incorporated the Twitter updates right up on their front page. It also helped that Steve Collis was live-streaming some of the sessions from his notebook computer. The audio was great and while I couldn’t read all of the PowerPoint slides that presenters were talking to, I could keep up very well with the presentations.

And those presentations and thoughts aren’t lost in the ether either. Do a Twazzup search for #acec2010 and you can re-live some of the ¬†conversation and finds links to longer blog posts reflecting on the conference and resources like this page from Gary Stager. where I found his article debunking the New York influence on our current curriculum agenda and his Amazon list of books for combatting Julia Guillard. Nice stuff! And I could sneak out for a bike ride and check out the live surfing webcast from Bells Beach as well!

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