K-12 Blogging

The potential usefulness of web logs in education seems to me pretty self-evident, but the puprose and audience of the blog need to be pretty clearly defined, and the concept separated from the concept of an online diary or free for all stream of consciousness. This page will eventually contain some early postings on this subject from my original blog and links to some blogging tools.

I see the future of blogging in schools as a reflective tool for teachers and students, and with RSS that tool can be managed. In the VCE Literature course there was a requirement that students keep a diary or log of their reading, and often we ask students to keep ongoing impressions as they work through a unit, or through an entire course. Blogs are the perfect tool for this; easy to manage and use, flexible and visual and automating the chronology of the thinking as well as easily linking to sources, inspiration and creations.

I began blogging with a poetry blog on Blogger. Since then I’ve become interested in WordPress as a blogging tool, but there are many others.

I worked with a team at my school to introduced an internal blog and wiki platform, a bit like the EduBlog model. It’s been a great success with teachers easily able to set up single or multi-author blogs for their classes, groups or sub-groups. Interestingly, the WIKI component has been most popular.



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