This page will explore the idea of enhanced use of audio content and RSS in schools. The potential for students to create audio content simply and effectively, and then deliver that content to specific or mass audiences, is something that seems a natural to me, especially for the English classroom where ’speaking and listening’ make up two of the four essential skills (reading and writing are the others)

Some universities are already getting into the act, particularly using collaboration with Apple to deliver audio content.
In 2005 I began some work on this by recording a discussion between two teachers and two very able students on the film text Lantana, one of the texts for study in the Year 12 VCE course in Victoria that year. That 40 minute discussion was an unscripted, free-ranging discussion based on some of the key ideas in the film and was then shared with other students for study, revision and extension purposes.

This year I have begun with a simple 15 minute audio presentation of the key quotes from the film Gattaca, selected and read by students and delivered to the class on the online learning platform to help students learn the quotes for the exam. Some students learn by listening; many learn by talking. Podcasting can faciliate some of this.

During the year I’ve also been producing my own short podcasts (called Wozcasts!) to get to know the technology and to reflect on conferences, software I like or other e-learning issues. Who knows if anybody is listening! You can find more about them on the Wozcast page here.

Read Gary Stager’s excellent rationale for educational podcasting here.


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