I am a writer and teacher. I’ve been blogging since the dawn of time, or 2001 to be precise. I teach English and Literature and am the Director of Learning and Curriculum at an independent school in Melbourne, Australia.


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  1. I was reading your site on education and technology and thought you might be interested in our business. is a free next generation online language learning service. We provide lessons for many languages. We also offer real time conversations with tutors, native speakers and learners. You can converse with people all over the world! If you or any educators you know are interested in our free service, please visit :

    Thank you,

    Wendy Laxton
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  2. Thanks for the feedback Toby; I’ve had a quick look at your blog and it’s interesting how connected some of the ideas are. I’ll be keeping an eye on how it develops.

  3. Warrick,
    I’m so glad I have found your Blog. I am very new to Web 2.0, as I have been a Maths / IT teacher coccooned in my own little world of MS and Adobe CS3, (before that I used to work in the mainframe Bank/Telco IT industry here in Melbourne). The Web 2.0 tools are good fun, and both me and my students are finding them useful. Your Blog will save me a lot of research time, since it appears that you have already travelled along a lot of the path I am now walking.
    Thanks again, Paul P

  4. Thanks Paul; that’s great to hear. The tools are good fun, and it’s good to work with students with tools that they also often enjoy working with. Enjoy the journey!

  5. Greetings Warwick

    a few things.

    established last year after thirty tourists took the trip to NECC’08 in San Antonio

    a local (Melbourne) ning for educators formerly on the innovations and excellence circuit no longer continuing due to funding priority changes however an avenue to share..mostly north and east schools

    PD Event to be held august 1st..innovative technologies in a non conference format…conference workshops too short and no time to talk…

    several people currently at NECC’09 will be presenting…several who went to NECC’08 are also on the schedule..a strong Apple technologies presence..though not an apple event

    intersting to note overwhelming numbers of presenters now use apple macbook pro computers..

    at NECC ’08
    the general attendees were about 50:50 apple computers..
    overwhelmingly 90% plus presenters carried an apple..

    at NECC’09 there will be stats of which machines used the wireless networks…wait til next week for those..

  6. Thanks for those links Gary; great timing as I can actually take a look at some things over the holidays.

    I’m enjoying being involved in the NECC NING but finding it tricky getting access to much real content from that conference. Very impressed though with how well NING is scaling for that conference and really want to explore this tool in school.

    Nice point about Apples and presenters; they are pretty much ubiquitous among presenters from my perspective too; we could all hypothesise about why that might be the case!

    Thanks again for the thoughts.

  7. Warrick, I’ve only recently begun blogging regularly and its great to see your variety of blogposts on education. I am currently Head of English in a school in NSW with a focus on Project and Problem based learning using technology in a big way. Its particularly tricky trying to retrain my brain to create authentic scenarios in English learning using our methods. Your site has some great ideas and am hoping to dialogue and network with other teachers about similar approaches to learning. my newborn blog is thanks

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