Analytics in Higher Education

This post was written at the Idea13 #idea13 Conference, MCG, 12/11/2013
This session was by Gregor Kennedy, University of Melbourne

Gregor talked about the the promise of ‘big data’ and learning analytics. Everyone is moving into analytics including: Desire2Learn, Pearsons, Blackboard, McGraw Hill (adaptive ebooks) A scary list I thought.

Analytics is the data that you pull out of your LMS and can be used for good purposes, to:

  • Detect at risk students
  • Track student skills development
  • Teaching and learning research and evaluation
  • Formative feedback for adaptive learning

Purdue University developed a program to track student learning and give them feedback (colour coded) on their progress in the course. This was fed back into the LMS. I vow to follow that lead up.

He gave examples of Melbourne Uni’s research, tracking student collaboration and engagement by using analytics and some fancy high-end stuff with some fancy high end maths behind it that lost me!